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10 months ago

Black Friday Madness

“May the odds be forever in your favor…” Happy Black Friday! Be careful out there! And remember… it’s just a flat-screen TV! Don’t run nobody over now!!


10 months ago

Thoughts on Twerking

“Twerk” is now a word that is recognized by the Oxford dictionary: (ew.) verb [no object] informal dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance: “Back in my day…” (insert old man voice here) we didn’t call it twerking it was booty shakin’! Now “twerking” […]


11 months ago

Campaign: No More Pamper Booty.

Ladies. Hi. This is a campaign for women to give up the Pamper Booty look. Pamper Booty. (n) {Pam-purr Boo-tee} When it looks like one is wearing a diaper (Pamper) commonly as a result of abusing ass-shots. Ok so now we all know what a Pamper Booty is. This… is not cute. Let me just […]

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