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3 days ago

Coachella: Beyoncé stuns fans with impromptu duet with sister Solange

No sibling rivalry here! Check out Queen B surprise the crowd at Coachella by making an unexpected appearance alongside her lil’ sis Solange. Lovin’ that sisterly support!!!


1 month ago

Miami Children’s Hospital Spreads Cheer With Help From The Hit Song “Happy”

The catchy song “Happy,” by Pharrell Williams, has certainly made its rounds on the radio soaring-and staying-at the top of the charts. Now the song is spreading some happiness in a local Miami hospital where the youngest of patients are being treated. #AWWW


1 month ago

Hilarious! President Obama Joins Galifianakis On Between Two Ferns #LOL

WHAT? President Obama sat down with Zach Galifianakis on the latest episode of Funny or Die’s Between Two Ferns. Obama gives as good as he gets. This is too funny! How did POTUS keep a straight face?!   )


1 month ago

HBO presents- GOT Mixtape?! #YES

  OMG I’m totally geeking out about this GOT mix tape! It’s co-signed by HBO and it features Hip Hop heavy weights like Wale, Big Boi, Common and even Daddy Yankee! They even used parts of the show’s soundtrack to lay over dope beats and slick rhymes.  The best part- the mix tape is free […]


1 month ago

Justin Bieber — Storms Out of Deposition Over Selena Gomez Questions

Uh oh! Justin Bieber lost his cool under oath in Miami on Thursday, when a lawyer started peppering him with questions about Selena Gomez … TMZ has learned.Bieber sat for…


1 month ago

‘Drunk In Love’ Emoji Video Is Pretty Much Exactly What It Feels Like to Drunk Text

I been textin’, I been text in’. Drunk in love- in emojis! By now we’ve all seen Drunk in Love-but this version is cray! Who knew you could use emoji’s to copy the lyrics?! God bless the dude that made this! His name is Jesse Hill and he has WAY too much time on his […]


2 months ago

Introducing “Katy Patra” Video for Dark Horse

OMG I’m obsessed with this video! The pyramids, the grills, the hot cheetos, the rims. It’s like I’ve died and gone to a ratchet Egyptian heaven!!! LOL I love it!!!! #ENJOY #KATYPATRA Natalia  


2 months ago

Space Jam 2 for LeBron James???

LeBron has taken a page out of MJ’s book- and is in “talks” to  star in a Space Jam sequel. Would you go to the movies to see it? Peep the details, and read more here

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