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3 months ago

DJ LS letter to Heat fans

Today is great opportunity to point out the following: This off season is no different than any off season before, even the one we had 4 years ago. Today the world’s best player decided to represent a different team. 4 years ago he decided to represent our team. It’s very important to understand that he […]

NY Daily News

4 months ago

Beyoncé, Jay Z release rehearsal video from On The Run Tour  – NY Daily News

Jay Z and Beyoncé are just as cute of a couple behind the scenes of their On The Run tour as they are on stage. Here is the #1 Power couple in music.  Check out the video of them putting the tour together.   DJ LS   ON THE RUN TOUR – BACKSTAGE


4 months ago

Hospitalized Tracy Morgan upgraded to fair condition – CNN.com

Comedian Tracy Morgan, who was badly injured in a collision June 7, has been upgraded from critical to fair condition, his publicist said.  Great news! Tracy Morgan is not dead as some reports have alleged, he is actually doing much better and beginning to be his old self again.  Get well Tracy!! DJ LS


5 months ago

Memorial Mix Weekend – Free Mix download

Hey everyone, it’s your boy here hooking you up with some music for you to enjoy.  On Memorial day weekend we hooked you up with 96 hours of mixing including myself with an hour mix   I have since uploaded my mix so that you and anyone who missed it can enjoy.  Use it to […]


5 months ago

Rihanna in racy dress at CFDAs as she picks up Fashion Icon Award

The Shameless star, who was among the earliest arrivals on the red carpet, opted for a racy lime green plunging backless dress as she arrived at the ceremony. I’m not a fashion guru but I know I can see what I see and you can sure see a whole lot! Check out the pics and […]


5 months ago

Understanding the Meaning of Memorial Day « Daily Bulletin

Do you know the purpose of Memorial Day? Many Americans do not. Maybe it’s a sign of the times, or maybe it’s always been this way. But for many citizens, Memorial Day is simply a Monday holiday — a day off work, maybe spent on a picnic with the kids. However, Memorial Day is far […]


5 months ago

Beyonce, Jay Z, Solange Smile in New Pictures After Elevator Fight – Us Weekly

Days after breaking her silence on the fight between Jay Z and Solange, Beyonce shared new pictures of the trio at a happy family gathering.  They already spoke about how they have moved on together as a family which is something I truly admire.  We all share drama in our lives but the only difference […]


5 months ago


Whats up! It’s your boy DJ LS here and I got some pretty exciting news.  We finally finished and uploaded my brand new track called, “Take You Higher.”  This is a big event for me as I have now began to enter the production world.  This is my second song ever and I have worked […]

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