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6 months ago

Justin Timberlake ‘s new song – Not a bad thing

Have you heard us play JT’s newest track?  Well he made a music video already for the song but it doesn’t follow the typical approach. This is a new twist on a typical music video; as the song plays in the background, the video depicts the search for a couple who got engaged on a […]


7 months ago

Blood moon: Gaze up the skies for a spectacular total lunar eclipse – CNN.com

Step outside, gaze upward and catch a glimpse of a coppery moon as it crosses the Earth’s shadow. The so-called “blood moon” is gracing the skies in different phases between 2 a.m. ET and 4:30 a.m. ET. Sometimes we need to just put our phones down and look up at the beauty of our world […]


7 months ago

Did you file? Today is the Tax Filing Deadline, Taxpayers Can Get Extra Time to File

The dreaded deadline! One of the saddest times of the year for a lot of people. Today is your last chance to not get in trouble with Uncle Sam.  But if you haven’t filed, take it easy….breathe….now sit down. You got time! You can file an extension but that doesn’t mean you won’t be penalized […]


7 months ago

Headphones! For what?

STEVE ANGELLO: “DJING WITHOUT HEADPHONES IS NOT HARD”       Times have changed, DJ’s are evolving and so are their ways. EDM is changing alot of the traditional practices. Especially when one of the biggest named DJs in the world doesn’t even need headphones anymore. According to former Swedish House Mafia member Steve Angello, […]


7 months ago

Eminem Smashes George Strait’s 44.89 Million Mark to Become Second Best-Selling Male Artist All-Time – Yahoo Music

You’ll have to forgive Eminem if he’s “beginning to feel like a ‘Rap God.’” This man is killing record sales and hasn’t come out with an album in years until now.  Check it out! DJ LS


8 months ago

The San Francisco Times

Whats up! It’s your boy DJ LS connecting with my peoples! Here is an article of a young man from Africa who decided to not have an excuse and decided to create solutions to his communities problems.  Please take a moment to learn about how you can help other communities and kids learn how to […]


8 months ago

Daddy Yankee special interview

Daddy Yankee is more than just a shade-bearing reggeatonero with a passion for mujeres Latinas . The Puerto Rican superstar shares some of his ideas about going digital with his latest album and about the mamis in Calle Ocho.  Check out the interview and go check out the pictures from his awesome performance at the […]


8 months ago

March in Miami, are you ready?

March in Miami is no walk in the park! I was born in Bogota, Colombia but was raised in Miami since the age of 1.  Since then I have been entrenched in the melting pot that is South Florida but most importantly I have many years of experiencing March in Miami. March in Miami is […]

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